Our Country Director for Guinea-Bissau is Mr Jean Marsault ELLA.

In December, 2017, SRA organized a Train-the-trainers workshop in Guinea Bissau to commence the programme in the country with a delivery of 20 Raspberry pi computers and a computer training in various operating systems including linux, New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS for Raspberry pi computers) and programming in python.

Newly appointed Digital Innovators


Djulde Camara
Dominique Bakilam
Aruna Camara

Madi Djaura
Didier Fernandes
Cristiano Pedro Nancassa
William Gomes Ferreira

Jean Ela Marsult
Djarga Corca Seidi
N’Doi Luis da Silva

Antonio Mendes
Altino Furtado

Meno Carlos
Aliu Ture
Domingos Cumba Cabral

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