West African Open Lab conference for antimicrobial drug discovery, 3rd December 2019

The Science Resources Africa programme is pleased to have organised the first West African Open Lab conference for antimicrobial drug discovery at the Medical Research Council & LSHTM in Banjul, The Gambia on 3rd December 2019.

The conference brought together health researchers from The Gambia and various countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The 1-day conference was followed up with a Bioinformatics workshop series for health researchers in The Gambia.

Structural and Systems Bioinformatics for Infectious disease research, 4th, and 5th December 2019

Series 1: Identifying microbial drug targets: druggability, hotspots and emergence of resistance

Series 2: Comparative Genomics and infectious disease research with Ensembl

Series 3: High-throughput screening for inhibitors of MTBC using a safe model 

Series 4: Frugal innovations for drug discovery – hardware design and development

Prof (Sir) Tom L. Blundell, a renowned professor from the University of Cambridge, will initiate the programme with a keynote presentation. The bioinformatics workshop sessions will be led by Dr Bridget Bannerman, Dr Pedro Torres and Dr Astrid Gall and supported by the European Bioinformatics Institute, The Wellcome Trust and the University of Cambridge.

The objectives of the programme are to share preliminary results and facilitate networking and collaboration between the tuberculosis research group at the MRC @LSHTM, The Gambia, the West African Network of Excellence for TB, AIDS and MALARIA (WANETAM), the Science Resources Africa programme and the Blundell group at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge.

More information about the MRC The Gambia and its ties to the UK can be found here.

For more information about the conference, please contact

Funding partners

We are very grateful to the following partners for their support:

  • The Royal Society
  • Cambridge-Africa
  • Centre de recherche Interdisciplinaire
  • European Bioinformatics Institute
  • Wellcome Trust

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